Scholarship Funds & Guidelines

Available SCCF Scholarship Funds

Applying for scholarships is easy through our online application system. Click the “Apply for a Scholarship” button on the right and get started by taking an eligibility quiz. The quiz will provide you with a list of scholarships in which you are eligible to apply. Currently SCCF does not manage any of its own scholarship, however, Smith County students may qualify for scholarships held at the Greater Salina Community Foundation and its other regional affiliates. Scroll down to learn more.

Other Available Scholarships

The Smith County Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Greater Salina Community Foundation which manages scholarships for itself and other affiliate foundations.  Students in this area may also qualify for scholarships from the following community foundations:

Greater Salina Community Foundation 

Community Foundation for Cloud County 



Please contact the Community Foundation or email Jessica Martin, Grant & Scholarship Coordinator at